Compact, strong and robust product for mounting patch panels

Compact, strong and robust

Currently, there are 2 methods that are most popular for mounting copper or fiber optic cabling in a 19″ patch cabinet.

Usually the patch poles are already mounted in the patch cabinet and then the cable is terminated from the rear. Or one runs additional cable to the front of the patch cabinet so that connections are terminated outside the cabinet. This often involves the use of a makeshift table placed in front of the patch cabinet. The downside is that there is often insufficient working space for a makeshift table. And with the second method, the extra length of cabling must be painstakingly concealed afterward, especially if the patch cabinet is wall-mounted.

Product number N8204-03001

Simple workstation at the front of the patch cabinet

The result is the TechBench. With this, the installer easily attaches his workstation to the front of the patch cabinet. This eliminates the need for extra-long cabling and makes the best use of available working space. Once all attachments are made, the installer simply positions the TechBench one level down to finish mounting the next patch panel.

TechBench is designed as a compact, strong and robust product on which a range of different patch panels can be mounted. Because the panel can be secured upside down, you easily snap the ezi jacks into place. But modular or even fully shielded patch panels are also easily assembled. Easily store your tools and parts in the TechBench that easily folds together after use. After that, this product takes up very little space, in the installer’s vehicle.


  • Simply snap ezi jackets into place
  • Storing tools and parts in the TechBench
  • TechBench collapses easily

TechBench by DINTEK