Panel cable management 1U brush type

19″ panel with brush

Brush type cable management

This panel cable management 1U fits into a standard 19″ rack or patch cabinet and are used to replace closed cover panels. The panel allows you to easily route cables to the front or back. The brush structure allows you to get rid of your cables quickly and easily. The temperature remains regulated, keeping hot and cold areas in the patch cabinet constant. The panel is made of high-grade steel and high-density nylon brushes.

With the DINTEK ezi-Manageā„¢ brush panel you create a neat professional look in your patch cabinet, simply work your cables out of sight and also keep air circulation intact.

Product number N2304-03004CH


  • Panel height 1U
  • Material black steel
  • Temperature remains regulated
  • Nylon high-density brushes

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