DINTEK develops and manufactures high-quality network cabling for various applications. The extensive assortment includes network cables, patch cables in various categories, patch panels, various tools and UTP accessories. DINTEK also provides cables for industrial applications of the highest quality.


Established in 1990, DINTEK ELECTRONICS Ltd, Taiwan has the fundamental goal of building positive, long-term relationships with its customers. Relationships characterized by close listening to customer needs and a strong commitment to developing new products and services of the highest quality, value and utility.

We offer a diverse range of innovative products ranging from connectors to backplane systems and network cabling systems. To meet customers’ demands, we make continuous efforts to expand our product lines and sales channels.

Core values of DINTEK
– Quality
– Loyalty
– Efficiency

Managing director of DINTEK – Jason Chang
Most companies focus only on their products. We believe that large companies focus on their customers. We keep the focus on our customers by constantly adhering to our three core values of quality, loyalty and efficiency.
How do we do this?
1. By selling electronic components, LAN cables systems & Backplane systems of the highest quality
2. By always being loyal and respectful of our customers’ wishes
3. By consistently delivering our products and services promptly and on time

Nothing gives us more satisfaction than seeing our clients’ growth. This is our philosophy. This is who we are.