February 5, 2024
Visit DINTEK during VSK 2024
This week we will be at VSK 2024 with a booth from DrayTek and DINTEK. VSK is the trade fair for the total installation industry held from Feb. 6...
January 24, 2024
New Fiber fusion splicer
We are introducing a new affordable Fiber fusion splicer. Benefit from cutting-edge technologies, rugged housing for harsh environments and versatility for both multimode and singlemode fiber optics.
Optical light source
November 29, 2023
Optical light source and power meter
When installing a fiber network, it is essential to test the connectivity and performance of the fiber connection.
DINTEK Fiber Optic Cleaver
October 5, 2023
New: fiber optic cleaver
The new DINTEK fiber optic cleaver is a simple tool that makes it possible to cut glass cores with high precision.
September 28, 2023
New generation of 19″ fiberglass enclosures
DINTEK introduces a new series of plastic fiber optic enclosures consisting of 1U SC and LC options. This allows neat and easy mounting of fiber optic cables.
September 6, 2023
Visit our DINTEK booth during the installation trade days!
Visit our DINTEK booth during the installation trade days September 12 to 14, 2023
July 5, 2023
DINTEK training courses – September 2023
These courses provide general knowledge and skills needed to build a structured cabling network and/or fiber optic cabling. Register quickly now as a partner!
Glasvezeladapter, SC Female naar LC Male, Single Mode Simplex, N2107-12001
May 17, 2023
New DINTEK fiber optic adapters
In fiber optic connections, different types of connectors are used. DINTEK has adapters in the range that easily connect these different connectors to each other.
MUTOA Multi-User Telecommunications Outlet Assembly, N1301-01011
February 23, 2023
New DINTEK products
This week we introduce two products that are ideal to combine with each other; a 6 port surface mount box for keystones and a keystone adapter with a fiber...
Pigtail connector Singlemode LC/UPC, N2105-07012
February 6, 2023
New in the fiber optic range
The pigtail connector Singlemode LC/UPC and Multimode fiber patch cable SC-LC are new in the fiber optic range.
CAT6A DuraMAX360 360° industriële connector, N1505-05005
January 25, 2023
New industrial DINTEK plugs
Industrial environments or situations where devices that emit electromagnetic radiation are present, require a shielded network cable and associated connectors. This is possible with the CAT6A 360° plug.
DIN Rail module, N1303-0100x
January 18, 2023
New: DIN Rail module
Almost every meter cupboard or control installation contains DIN rails. With the DINTEK DIN Rail module, network cables can be mounted on a DIN rail in a neat and...
Optical Time Domain Reflectometer front nieuws
August 24, 2022
New: Optical Time Domain Reflectometer
The Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) from DINTEK is a user-friendly measuring instrument suitable for installation and maintenance of fiber optic networks.
LSZH kabel
July 27, 2022
What is an LSZH cable and why do we use it?
LSZH stands for Low Smoke Zero Halogen and is a cable jacket material that is non-halogenated and flame retardant. LSZH cables produce very little smoke and toxic fumes and...
Glasvezel essential tool kit
November 17, 2021
New: Fiberglass essential tool kit
Speed up the fiber optic installation process using the tools in this new Fiber termination kit from DINTEK.
Glasvezel kabel zwart, 12 core indoor/outdoor
August 2, 2021
New: DINTEK fiber optic cable
DINTEK has a new fiber optic cable (black), 12 core for both indoor/outdoor in its range. This fiber optic cable has a B2ca rating. The length can be taken...
Fiber checker
March 17, 2021
New: Fiber checker
The DINTEK fiber checker offers a professional and inexpensive solution for finding break points, bad connections, bending or cracks in fiber optic cables, for example, in the field.
CAT6 outdoor U/FTP kabel, 305m, zwart
January 15, 2021
CAT6 outdoor U/UTP cable
The CAT6 outdoor U/UTP cable 23 AWG has recently become available. This outdoor cable supports Gigabit data transmission with a distance of up to 100 meters.
Glasvezel connector LC/OM3 multimode
October 15, 2020
ezi Fiber LC connectors
The ezi Fiber LC connectors are available. These connectors offer an inexpensive and efficient alternative to terminate fiber optic cables without the use of a fusion splicer.