DINTEK training - September

Training program

Have you always wanted to learn how to weld a fiberglass yourself, quickly repair a break or want to know how best to create an Ethernet cabling network? Prepare yourself as a Certified Installer in 2 or 3 days? Can you give a 25-year warranty on your customer’s cabling network? Register now as a partner for the DINTEK training courses that will be offered at the end of September by DINTEK in collaboration with Xpert Data.

These training courses provide general knowledge and skills necessary to install a structured cabling network and/or fiber optic cabling.

Dates and topics DCI training:
Tuesday 26 September – Copper cabling day 1
Wednesday 27 September – Copper cabling day 2
Thursday 28 September – Fiber optics

3-day DINTEK Certified Installer (DCI) training
This training prepares an installer to deploy networks that meet ANSI/TIA and ISO 11801 cabling standards, qualifying them for DINTEK’s 25-year System Warranty.

The training provides general knowledge and skills needed to provide a customer with a structured cabling network and fiber optic cabling. It offers the participant more clarity about fiber optic technology. How fiber optics works, how the transmission of light as data in fiber optics works and how to install and test fiber optics. The course also includes practical workshops for mechanical and fusion splicing, covers loss testing, OTDR testing and verification of fiber connections.

It is also possible to follow only the Copper (ethernet) or Fiber (glass) part of this training.

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