UTP twin tester

Provides clarity on common VoIP and data cabling issues

UTP tester

The UTP twin tester is used to check the cable for short circuits. It is also possible to test individual connections. Wiring mix-ups may have occurred.

The main unit and remote unit can be disconnected. The cable can then be tested at the beginning and end. The units also work separately if you want to test a patch cable on them.

Both units snap together easily making them easy to carry. Its design allows it to be neatly stored in a toolbox. And the carrying ring also allows the tester to be worn on a belt or frame.

This UTP tester allows you to thoroughly test every wire pair in your cabling network for proper functionality. This prevents unwanted interference.


  • Clarity on problems cabling
  • Easy to carry
  • Tester features a carrying ring
  • Prevention of unwanted failures