19" Fiberglass enclosures

Mount fiber optic cables neatly and easily in a 19″ patch cabinet.
Up to 24 fibers with SC connector or 48 fibers with LC connector can be terminated in this 1U high fiber enclosure.

19" plastic fiberglass enclosure

Mounting fiber optics in a patch cabinet can be done neatly by using DINTEK’s fiber optic enclosures.
Using an enclosure protects the welds and fibers and makes them easy to patch through.

These new generation DINTEK fiberglass enclosures are made of plastic and feature a sliding mechanism for easy access to the fibers.

The enclosure is 1U high and holds up to 24 SC or 48 LC connections.

Article numbers

N2210-24001 24 poorten SC OS2 singlemode
N2210-48001 48 poorten LC OS2 singlemode
N2210-24004 24 poorten SC OM4 multimode
N2210-48004 48 poorten LC OM4 multimode


  • Neatly terminating fiber optic cables in a 19" patch cabinet
  • Sliding mechanism so the fibers can be accessed from the front
  • Protects fibers and welds from damage
  • Up to 24 SC or 48 LC connections
  • Color: black


N2210-24001 & N2210-24004

N2210-48001 & N2210-48004