CAT6 Patch cord U/UTP red

DINTEK patch cables are specially designed for the purpose of high speed data networks and available in various lengths.

PowerMAX™ : Gigabit High Speed Ethernet

The CAT6 Patch cord U/UTP is specifically designed to support superfast data networks for Gigabit applications. The cables consist of 4 pairs of separated, high quality braided copper wires. This cable has an AWG value of 24 with an LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen) jacket. The size of the conductor provides less heat generation and less voltage drop over distance and have been tested at 550MHz.

PowerMAX CAT6 patch cables are equipped with molded RJ45 plugs and have a provision for strain relief on the cable. ‘Anti-snag’ functionality ensures that the connector does not snag unintentionally. For optimal results, we recommend using DINTEK PowerMAX UTP products for your entire network.

Available lengths

Length Product number
1m N1201-04475
2m N1201-04480
5m N1201-04490
Cat6 patch cord U/UTP zwart


  • 24AWG
  • 550MHz certified
  • LSZH
  • Full Copper


Patch Cable Certificate
3 Connector Channel Certificate