SC Female to FC Male, Single Mode Simplex

There are different types of fiber connectors. SC, LC and FC connectors are common. It may be necessary to change from one type of connector to another. Adapters (simplex) are available for this purpose. This makes it easy to use a different type of connector without having to modify the original cable.

Product number N2107-12003

The following adapters are available;

Product number Side A Side B
N2107-12003 SC(Female) FC (Male)
N2107-12002 LC (Female) SC (Male)
N2107-12001 SC (Female) LC (Male)
N2107-12004 LC (Female) FC (Female)
N2107-12005 SC (Female) FC (Female)


  • Low insertion loss ≤0.5dB (average)
  • Highly accurate fiber alignment
  • Easy clip-in installation
  • Complete with dust removing cap for a clean polishing profile
  • Available in alternative connector types