ezi-MOD Keystone adapter with fiber optic coupler SC simplex

Ideal for use with DINTEK’s Multi-User Telecommunications Outlet Assembly.

Keystone adapter with fiber optic coupler

This ezi-MOD SC keystone adapter with fiber optic coupler is ideal for use in DINTEK Multi-User Telecommunications Outlet (MUTOA) and DINTEK snap-in patch panels.

Up to 6 outlets can be mounted in the wall-mount surface-mount housing. The connector provides storage space for up to 10m (39.4 ft.) and at least 2m of twisted cable in the base, maintaining the minimum bending radius.

The snap-in patch panels can accommodate 24 of these keystone fiber optic adapters.

Product number N1306-07006

MUTOA Multi-User Telecommunications Outlet Assembly, N1301-01011

Features MUTOA

  • Exceeds installer and end-user needs with high-quality performance in the work area
  • Compatible with attachment to single or double electrical cabinet screw dimensions, also allowing rear insertion of recessed box
  • Rear and side cable access available


N1306-07006 - datasheet