Server room

Keystones & patchpanels

Most buildings have a central area where all IT equipment is located together, the server room. All cabling enters this room. To neatly assemble this cabling, keystones and patch panels from DINTEK can be used. With a keystone mounting it is easy to provide every UTP cable with an endpoint.

DINTEK has developed its own keystone pliers to crimp / cut the wire pairs in the keystone. Keystones come in various types, such as CAT6 / CAT6A, black / white, shielded and with or without shutter. The keystones can be quickly and easily clicked into the desired position in the DINTEK patch panels, which are suitable for a 19 ”patch cabinet. The patch panels are also available in various types, such as 0.5 U / 1 U, black, silver or shielded.

Keystones Patch panels