Fiber fusion splicer

Includes high precision fiber cleaver

DINTEK Fiber fusion splicer

The new fiber fusion splicer uses the latest technologies to optimally align and splic the fiber. The sturdy housing is designed to be used in harsh conditions, for this purpose it is equipped with rubber bumpers and additional shielding of the LCD screen. This compact machine can be used for both multimode and singlemode fiber optics. 6 electric motors ensure perfect alignment and, thanks to the short warm-up time, you quickly create a permanent connection between two glass fibers.

The fusion splicer comes in a portable protective case with all necessary accessories such as pliers, stripper and a high precision fiber cleaver.

Product number N6106-09002

Renting the Fiber fusion splicer?

Want to use fiber optic measurement devices without purchasing them? Then you can, we rent DINTEK fusion splicers and Optical Time Domain Reflectometers. Contact Xpert Data (importer/distributor) for more information.

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