Pigtail connector Multimode SC/PC

A fiber optic cable can contain multiple fibers. These fibers follow standardized color coding to determine what is now the first fiber.

When a fiber optic cable with multiple cores is terminated in a fiber optic enclosure, it is of course convenient that the color coding extends all the way to the coupler in the fiber optic tray. This is why DINTEK has pigtails in its product range with the same color coding as the fibers in a multi-core fiber optic cable. By welding the colored pigtails to the fiber with corresponding color from the fiber optic cable, it remains clear which fiber it is even after it is terminated.

The set includes 12 1-meter pigtails.

Product number N2105-07023


  • Connector type: SC
  • Polish type: PC
  • Insertion Loss Singlemode: ≤maximum 0.30dB
  • Return loss Singlemode: UPC ≥30dB - APC ≥35dB
  • Temperature: -40 to +85°C


N2105-07023 - image