Singlemode fiber optic patch cable SC-LC yellow

High quality OS2 fiber optic patch cable with SC-LC connectors

Singlemode fiber optic patch cable SC-LC OS2 LSZH - UPC yellow

This singlemode fiber optic patch cable with LC connector can be used for connections where the fiber optic is terminated on one side with an LC connector and on the other side with an SC connector.

DINTEK fiber patch cables are equipped with connectors and can be applied immediately. These cables are available in various lengths. See the table below for available lengths and corresponding product numbers.

Available lengths

Lengte Productnummer
0.5m N2104-15129
1m N2104-15015
1.5m N2104-15061
2m N2104-15007
3m N2104-15009
Lengte Productnummer
5m N2104-15003
10m N2104-15008
15m N2104-15041
20m N2104-15013
30m N2104-15014
Singlemode glasvezel patchkabel SC-LC geel, N2104-15xxx


  • LC-SC connector
  • LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen)
  • Type of UPC
  • Category OS2

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