Multimode SC/OM3 connector

These ezi fiber LC connectors offer an inexpensive and efficient alternative to terminate fiber optic cables without the use of a fusion splicer.

Multimode SC/OM3 connector

The ezi-FIBERâ„¢ mechanical connector are a low-cost, fast alternative for terminating a fiber without using a fusion splicer. Ezi-FIBERâ„¢ Connectors use V-groove technology, to align the fibers and achieve physical contact between them. No tools are required to ensure that the fibers have a good connection. The result is a connection on the fiber in question with an average insertion loss of about 0.1 dB.

Product number N2106-02021


  • LC
  • OM3
  • No fusion splicer needed


N2106-02021 - datasheet