CAT6 U/UTP LSZH cable, 305m Dca, gray

305 meter network cable in a sturdy box with an Ezi-flow mechanism for easy deployment during an installation

Gigabit High Speed Ethernet

The PowerMAX500TM CAT6 U/UTP network cable is the ideal solution when high-quality twisted-pair cabling is required. This cable has an AWG value of 23 with an LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen) jacket. The size of the conductor ensures less heat generation and less voltage drop over distance. The cable uses LSZH sheathing and meets all fire classification standards, including European Dca standards. This means that the cable minimizes the risk of the after-effects of an electrical fire, such as inhalation of gas and smoke.

The DINTEK PowerMAX500TM cable has been tested at over 500MHz and has show performance test results enabling 10Gbit Ethernet transmission up to 70 meters in length. The cable is certified to handle PoE++ and 4PPoE – IEEE 802.3bt level 3 & 4 and comes in a box without molded connectors.

Product number N1101-04046

CAT6 U/UTP LSZH kabel, 305m, Eca, grijs N1101-04046

Plug and crimping tool

With the Pass through crimping tool from DINTEK, a DINTEK ezi-PLUG can easily be attached to a cable. The plug makes it possible to maintain the rotation in each pair of veins as close as possible to the contact of the plug. This will increase the performance capacity of the vein pair.

Combine the Pass through plug with the RJ45 boots and use the Pass through crimping tool for assembly.


CAT6 stands for Category 6 and supports gigabit Ethernet segments up to 100 meters. This DINTEK PowerMAX500TM cable has been tested at more than 500 MHz. This DINTEK cable has also shown performance test results that allow 10Gbit Ethernet transmission up to a length of 70 meters. The cable is certified to handle PoE++ and 4PPoE – IEEE 802.3bt level 3 & 4 and comes in box with no molded connectors.


  • Length 305 meters
  • Colour Grey
  • Type U/UTP LSZH cable
  • Category CAT6

RJ45 plugs monteren

Met de Pass through crimp tool van DINTEK kan eenvoudig een DINTEK ezi-PLUG aan een kabel vastgezet worden.