CAT6 vertical unshielded white keystone jack

With the CAT6 vertical unshielded keystone, terminating cabling is quick and easy. In addition, the solid construction of the keystone ensures a good connection. During termination, the cores are inserted into slots in the keystone. However, the slots where the cores can be laid are designed to hold the cores securely in place when being terminated. After mounting, the wires are held in place by a cap which is clicked onto the keystone.

Combined with the DINTEK F-Tools, the cable is pushed into the keystone in one motion and the ends of the cables are cut off. For support, use a working base to make working with the keystones even easier. The keystone snaps into the working base making it easier to hold in place. Which prevents damage.

DINTEK has various keystone jacks for CAT6 as well as CAT6A in its range, including horizontal, vertical, shielded, unshielded, with shutter and toolless keystone jacks.

Product number N1305-04042

F-Tool vertical

Patch Panels

DINTEK patch panels can be used to terminate cabling in a patch cabinet. The panels are designed to quickly and easily snap DINTEK keystone ezi jacks into the desired position. This 19″ panel is complete with cable management rule on the back.


For a simple workstation at the front of the patch cabinet, use DINTEK’s TechBench for this purpose. Once all attachments are made, the installer simply places the TechBench one level down. You can also store tools and parts in it. The case is easy to collapse and take to a location.


  • Unshielded
  • Vertical
  • CAT6

Keystone finishing


N1305-04042 - datasheet