Ezi-lock boot, RJ45

Protective shoe with strain relief and lock, these are universally suitable for standard RJ45 plugs

Locking the connection

The RJ45 ezi-LOCK boot for RJ45 plugs is the ideal solution to optimally protect your most important connections from unwanted disconnection or removal. This consists of a protective shoe with strain relief and locking mechanism, these are universally suitable for standard RJ45 plugs.

By using the ezi-LOCK boot when finishing your patch ends, you can choose after this to lock the connector in its position. Simply by sliding the locking pin, which prevents the release of the RJ45 plug. The unique design of protective shoe with locking mechanism eliminates the need for additional tools to lock or unlock the connector. The locking pin is easily pushed back, after which the RJ45 plug can simply be taken out of the socket.

Product number N1601-00008


  • Ideal for data center
  • Universally suitable for RJ45 plugs
  • Locking pin easily pushed back

Ezi-lock solution