CAT6A Industrial Field Terminable plug

This RJ45 modular connector is designed for easy assembly and installation that can be deployed in an industrial environment.

CAT6A Industrial Field Terminable

More and more industrial equipment or applications are being controlled by connecting to the IT network. A noise-regulated and robustly fabricated modular connector is a requirement in industrial environments. Relative to a LAN connector used in ordinary office environments, the connector and cabling must have a highly shielded structure. The electrical noise can be the reduced. They must also be designed to be robust enough to continue to function properly under these harsh conditions. For example, in extreme temperatures, moisture or vibrations.

The PowerMAX™ RJ45 modular connector is designed for easy assembly and installation while still being deployable in an industrial environment. The connector features a fully shielded cast aluminum housing and is a highly durable CAT6 compatible component. The ezi-CONNECT IDC (Insulation-Displacement Connector) ensures that the connector can be connected quickly and reliably, without having to strip the wires individually to do so.

The PowerMAX™ industrial RJ45 connector is based on the standard RJ45 pin profile and is ideal for use in harsh industrial environments.

Product number N1505-05001


  • 23 - 26 AWG
  • CAT6A
  • Fully shielded

Easy and quick assembly

Industrial connector

To mount RJ45 couplers dust-free, industrial connectors can be used.


N1505-05001 - datasheet