Cable stripper UTP/STP

Easily strip every cable with a rotating movement

Strip cables with great ease

UTP/STP cable strippers are a good addition to the current range of quality tools. Preparing twisted pair cabling has never been easier. DINTEK’s professional twisted pair cable strippers are small enough to carry in your pocket and provide the professional quality you want when preparing your cabling.

The cable stripper is equipped with an adjustable cutting blade and scissors for all your UTP/STP telephony and data cabling and other flexible cables. You can easily strip any cable with a twisting movement with one finger. Because the cutting blade is adjustable, you can strip any desired cable without damaging the inner wire or sheath.

Product number N6101-05002


  • Professional quality
  • Equipped with adjustable cutting blade
  • Stripping without damaging internal thread or sheath

Twisted pair stripping tool